04 May

Legislative action for the promotion of adequate and affordable housing

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May 4, 2022 - May 4, 2022 Taller
Organizer: ONCITIES

The main objective of the event is to bring together different experts in law and urban planning from around the world for reflection and discussion of concrete legislative actions to promote adequate and affordable housing.

In the face of the barriers to the generation of affordable housing, the central message of this session will be action-oriented and to propose or describe solutions and tools for urban legislation that enhance the development of appropriate legal frameworks for sustainable, inclusive and resilient cities.

Legal frameworks at national and local level play an essential role in the development of the housing sector in general and affordable housing in particular. Urban housing legislation needs to be defined and implemented from various dimensions and elements such as environment, employment, access to services, mobility, safety, security, education, culture, poverty, marginalisation, citizen participation, gender equality and human rights. Effective and equitable legal frameworks must be advocated to support the implementation of sustainable urban and territorial development at all levels.

This event will provide a relevant and often non-existent discussion on the lack of legal mechanisms to assist/enforce both public and private institutions in the creation of adequate and affordable housing. The outcome of the event will be a series of concrete legislative proposals that can be implemented in national and local frameworks.

The event will be co-organised by OnCities2030 and the College of Urban Jurisprudence (CJUR International). Experts in sustainable urban development will be invited, with a multidisciplinary approach, but with the aim of reflecting and presenting actions needed to consolidate sustainable urban transformation in international, national and local legal frameworks.

The format of the event will be based on the methodology applied by OnCities2030 of “intelligence unit” in which a number of people are invited to work collaboratively on an action-oriented proposal.


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We discussed the barriers to access to housing and different types of sustainability.