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Bruno Sauer

CEO, Green Building Spain

Architect, with Master in Architecture and Urbanism, Associate Professor at the European University of Valencia. He has been invited to participate in multiple international workshops and conferences, carrying out extensive research activity in European projects such as the “EcoDistrict-ICT” project funded by the EU-7FP. 

He has edited several publications related to architecture and sustainable urbanism and jury member of international competitions, combining it with the management of his own studio called Bipolaire with his partner Miguel Arraiz Garcia. 

He currently holds the position of general director of Green Building Council Spain where he has directed the main projects developed by the Association and has extensive knowledge of the strategy and operation of this association. 

The Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN must be promoted through specific Framework Programs to achieve their development and that are embodied in Global Agendas that must be applied to each country. GBCe proposes to address a country agenda, aligned with this vision that addresses not only energy as a key factor but also healthy buildings, clean energy, decent work, resilient infrastructures, smart cities, circular economy, biodiversity and behavior in the face of climate change.