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Camila Jordan

Executive Director - TETO Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil  

Camila is an Environmental Engineer turned Urban Planner, Community Advocate, and Policy Researcher focused on designing systems change in cities, underserved communities, and across continents. As a Ginsberg Fellow at CHPC in NYC, she utilized cutting-edge technology to advocate for new perspectives from government officials in housing. She also was Director of The Basement Pilot in East NY, where she coordinated with government and nonprofit partners while servicing homeowners on the ground.  

In Brazil, Camila is leading TETO, a Latin-American NGO, that works through the joint collaboration of dwellers from the favelas and volunteers towards poverty and emergency housing relief. As a grassroots community development organization TETO works building community infrastructure, emergency housing and in developing community leaders and young people in the construction of a just society.  

Camila holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Nova University in Portugal and a Master’s in Public Administration where she focused on Housing and Urban Policy from Columbia University.