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Christoph Schmid 

Professor, University of Bremen

Professor of European Constitutional, Commercial and Private Economic Law.

Mr. Schmid has long-standing experience in European private and commercial law, comparative law and legal theory, interdisciplinary links to political science and integration theory. Current research projects on judicial governance in the EU, in particular the role of the European Court of Justice in private law, as well as on tenancy law in Europe.  

Since 2007 he has been a visiting professor at the Universities of La Laguna and Tarragona (Spain); Trento and Sassari (Italy).  

Since August 2005 he has been Director of ZERP and Professor (W3) of European Private, Commercial and Economic Constitutional Law and Comparative Law at the University of Bremen.  

He has also served as Commissioner of the Department of International and Erasmus Affairs, coordinator of the “Hanse Law School” programme in Bremen (bachelor and master programme in European and Comparative Law, together with the universities of Oldenburg and Groningen) and chairman of the Examination Committee (2013-2018).