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Corneille Koppelaar

International Director, Places for People

Corné Koppelaar is a highly experienced international housing consultant who operates worldwide. He has specialised in developing, maintaining, and improving international relations in the area of housing. In his professional network he has served a wide range of organisations like not-for-profit housing associations, for profit housing companies (real estate funds, project developers etc.), governments (on an international, national and local level). Over the past decade he has been involved in a number of international research projects that were co-funded by the European Commission and that were mainly focused on improving energy efficiency in housing. During the past years there have been several topics related to housing that had the broad interest of stakeholders in housing. Corné has been involved in projects giving advice on the following topics: data collection, sustainability, funding, ageing society, quality control, diversification, homelessness, customer experience and communication.