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Cristina Monge

Political scientist and member of the advisory board of Llorente y Cuenca

Cristina Monge is a political scientist with a PhD from the University of Zaragoza, where she teaches sociology. Her areas of interest are sustainability and democratic quality, and especially governance for ecological transition, a subject she works on in research centres such as Globernance, BC3 and itdUPM, or on the board of Ecodes.  

She is a member of the advisory board of Llorente y Cuenca and of Ethic magazine. Since 2018 she has participated in the Open Government Forum, since 2019 in the Advisory Council for Development Cooperation, and since its creation in the Methodological Advisory Group of the accountability project of the Presidency of the Government of Spain, “Cumpliendo”.  

She is also the author of 15M: Un movimiento político para democratizar la sociedad (2017), and has coordinated the collective work “Tras la indignación. 15M: Views from the present (2021)”.  

Co-author with Raúl Oliván of Hackear la Política (2018), and with JJ Verón of La Iniciativa Social de Mediación de los conflictos del agua en Aragón (2019), and also co-editor of the collection Más Cultura Política, Más Democracia, in collaboration with Gedisa and has the honour of chairing the Asociación “Más Democracia”.