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Gulnara Roll

Regional Advisor, Forests, Land and Housing Division at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, Switzerland

Gulnara Roll is Regional Advisor at the UNECE Forests, Land and Housing Division. She is supports national and local governments and stakeholders in the UNECE region with policy advice and in charge of multiple technical cooperation activities on neutrality and climate-neutral housing, urban resilience building, including urban forestry.  

Ms. Roll is working with the United Nations since 2009. She worked as Environmental Officer with the UNECE Water Convention secretariat; as Senior Economic Affairs Officer at the UN Regional Economic Commissions Office in New York; and as Secretary to the intergovernmental Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management.  

Prior to joining the UNECE, Ms. Roll worked as Scientific Officer at INTAS – International Association for the promotion of scientific co-operation with the countries of the former Soviet Union in Brussels, Belgium; as Senior Research Fellow in International Relations at the University of Tartu in Estonia; Director of the Peipsi Centre for Transboundary Cooperation in Tartu, Estonia; and Urban Planner at St. Petersburg Urban Planning Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia.