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Jaime Ruiz Huescar

Co-founder and CEO of CITIES FORUM. Director of MOVIELÉCTRICA.

Jaime Ruiz is Co-Founder and CEO of CITIES FORUM, an international organisation of experts in sustainable urban development and smart cities. He was coordinator of Smart City projects and technical responsible for electric mobility in the City Council of Murcia for 4 years and coordinator of one of the working groups of RECI (The Spanish network of smart cities).   

Jaime is in charge of different international projects in the Smart City field aimed at providing advice, training and technical support to European and Latin American cities, while coordinating the participation of CITIES FORUM as a partner in several projects funded by the European Commission. Jaime is an expert evaluator of electric mobility projects for the European Commission, and has been jury of different international awards such as the european CIVITAS AWARDS in 2020 2021 or the Glomo Awards at the Mobile World Congress in 2019.   

Finally, he directs MOVIELÉCTRICA, a portal for the dissemination of electric mobility that also organises one of the largest electric mobility fairs in Spain.