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José María García Gómez

Deputy Councillor of Housing and Urban Planning, Regional Government of Madrid

Born in Vigo (Pontevedra) in 1970, he holds a degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense, a degree in Political Science and Sociology from the UNED, a diploma in Legal Practice from the ICAM and an MBA in Business Management from the Universidad Europea. He has been a member of ICAM since 1996.

He has held various institutional positions and management responsibilities in the Local Administration: Secretary of the Board of Directors, Director of Contracting, Procurement and Administration in the municipal services company of Rivas and Managing Director of the public services and housing companies of Arganda del Rey.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the autonomous Social Housing Agency and has been a member of the Board of Directors of Obras de Madrid, as well as of urban development consortiums of the Community of Madrid, which he currently presides.

He has also participated in the management of housing cooperatives in their governing councils as a member, secretary and president; he was secretary of a local business association; as well as councilman of the City Council of Rivas; and organic responsible in the Partido Popular.

He is a regular speaker at specialized housing and urban planning forums such as COAM, ASPRIMA, AIReF, CONCOVI, WIRES, ACI, LAI, AMADEI, AECOM, IE, Metros2, Andersen Legal, Pérez Llorca, etc…, and is an occasional lecturer in urban planning masters at CEU, COAM, UAM housing forum, CIARE and Madrid Chamber of Commerce.

He has been recognized in the ASPRIMA awards and in the Alfonso Vázquez Fraile awards of CONCOVI. He is an honorary member of Círculo Inmobiliario.

From July 2015 to July 2021 he was Director General of Housing and Rehabilitation of the Community of Madrid. Since then he has been Deputy Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning of the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Agriculture of the Community of Madrid.