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Julie Lawson

Associate Professor, RMIT University

Dr. Julie Lawson is principal author of the comprehensive UN published study #Housing2030 with UNECE; UN habitat and Housing Europe, which examined a range of policy tools and good practices to promote affordable, inclusive and sustainable housing in 56 countries. She is also Honorary Associate Professor with the Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University, Australia (based in Europe) and director of the consulting firm Just Cities (The Netherlands). 

Julie is long time co-editor of the international housing journal Housing Theory and Society and also co-producer of several podcast series including Housing Journal Podcast and Tools to Tame Financialization series of Making a House a Home. Julie actively advises and collaborates international organizations in the housing and urban and diplomacy field and is currently completing a grant funded and commissioned research projects concerning the growth of social housing, solutions to financialization, national housing strategy making, a circular economy for housing and principles and practices to inform post war reconstruction efforts with RMIT CUR and Just Cities. 

Julie has catalysed national housing and urban policy reforms, playing a leading role informing the establishment of the National Housing Finance Investment Corporation and shaping national debates on housing needs and infrastructure planning. She has published many scientific reports and informative reviews on financing for affordability, land polices for affordable and inclusive housing assistance policies, federal-state housing structures, financial institutions, and social housing regulatory systems. 

Her work is featured in many of the leading international journals such as Housing Studies., Housing Theory and Society and the International Journal of Housing and Reseach Institute. Her latest work entitled ‘Social housing as infrastructure and the role of mission driven financing’ with Ryan van der Nouwelant and Laurence Troy and ‘Tools to tame the financialization of housing’ with Michelle Norris, both will be published in Housing Studies and New Political Economy in 2022.