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Roca becomes a sponsor of the UIA International Forum 2022


▪ The company thus joins the global debate on access to housing promoted by the UIA International Forum 2022 ‘Affordable Housing Activation: Removing Barriers’ Roca will boost the international impact of the debate on access to decent and adequate housing by organising 7 AHA events at the Roca Galleries in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Shanghai and Beijing

▪ The UIA International Forum 2022 Affordable Housing Activation: Removing Barriers will promote a collaborative and innovative framework to activate and bring together on its digital platform content relating to housing and promoted by actors internationally, and will conclude with a final global summary panel in Madrid from 18 to 20 May

Madrid, 16th of February 2022. The Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de España (CSCAE), as the promoter of the UIA International Forum 2022 ‘Affordable Housing Activation: Removing Barriers’, today announced that Roca, international leader in the marketing, production and design of products for bathroom spaces, has become an official sponsor of the UIA International Forum 2022.

Roca thus joins the global debate on access to housing promoted by the UIA International Forum 2022, and will do so by boosting the international impact of the debate on access to decent housing by organising 7 AHA events at the Roca Galleries that the company has in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Shanghai and Beijing, starting in March and continuing until the Forum’s final panel in Madrid from 18 to 20 May.

For Marta Vall-llossera, Acting President of the CSCAE, “this Forum is an instrument for architects, companies and public administrations to assume responsibility for promoting actions aimed at transforming our cities and countries, and facilitating access to housing. Roca’s sponsorship, boosting the international impact of the debate by organising 7 AHA events, is great news for raising awareness of the right to decent, adequate housing, together with environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Angela Balldellou, Executive Director of the AHA Forum, said: “We celebrate the fact that a company with Roca’s track record has joined the debate promoted by the UIA Forum on the affordability of housing. Thanks to Roca’s contribution, we will be able to expand the international impact of the Forum, which seeks to develop and raise awareness of the need to include in the debate on access to housing issues such as quality, design, innovation, access to services and basic infrastructure and sustainability, without which we would not be talking about decent, adequate housing”.

Xavier Torras, Communications Director at Roca, added: “it is essential to promote exchanges and initiatives to debate far-reaching issues for our society, such as the availability of decent housing. It is a privilege to be able to collaborate on this debate and contribute to it through the conferences that will be held through our network of Roca Galleries around the world.

A high-impact global movement

The UIA International Forum 2022 will be an event with maximum international impact with the objective of contributing to improving access to affordable, decent and adequate housing worldwide by generating global networks and partnerships to promote knowledge sharing of success stories and specific perspectives by analysing the barriers that hinder access to housing. Proposing comprehensive solutions and viewpoints capable of “stitching” the barriers with architecture and urban planning, and engaging all stakeholders with the capacity to set long-term lines of action around a future international agreement with the highest level of support of organisations, governments, companies and institutions; capable of focusing and agreeing on the minimum keys of habitability together with sustainability; based on awareness and analysis of the barriers and residents’ needs, in such a way that they can be adapted according to local indicators and parameters in each state or region, and for housing to aid in achieving the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals based on information and shared data and knowledge. All this in an event that will bring together international experts in the field of architecture such as…, governance, energy, engineering, the economy, urban planning, the environment, sociology, design, technology and innovation.

An event with broad institutional support

At the General Assembly of the International Union of Architects (UIA), held at the Baku Forum on 11 June 2019, the choice of Madrid for the organisation of the UIA International Forum 2022 on access to housing was approved by a large majority. The candidacy was successful thanks to the broad institutional support that the project has, which is backed by the Government of Spain through the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, the Community of Madrid and the City Council of Madrid, and benefits from the collaboration of UN-Habitat.
The support of the professional world in Madrid is guaranteed through the COAM, as is that of the construction industry through the 2030 Observatory of the CSCAE, which brings together all the stakeholders in city design in Spain.

About the International Union of Architects (UIA)

The UIA emerged as a federation of organisations in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1948. It currently has 104 member sections, representing 115 countries and more than 1,500,000 architects worldwide, thus making it the international organisation with the greatest capacity for global influence in terms of Architecture and one of the most influential organisations in urban, design and heritage issues; it connects all its commitments and work with international agendas and sustainability. UIA forums were established to create conferences on the major challenges that the profession has to face and to connect architecture with other disciplines and perspectives in the resolution of shared challenges.

For more information www.uia-architectes.org

About the CSCAE

Created in 1931, the CSCAE brings together all the colleges of architects in Spain for the defence of architecture and the achievement of general common goals. It represents the colleges and the more than 47,000 member professionals who practice architecture in Spain before public and private corporations and international bodies.

For more information www.cscae.com

About Roca

Roca is a company engaged in the design, production and marketing of bathroom products for architecture, construction and interior design. Founded in 1917, it combines tradition and expertise with a passion for innovation and respect for the environment, with the aim of meeting people’s needs and contributing to improving the well-being of society. With sustainability present throughout all its production processes and with the commitment to preserve a better planet for future generations, Roca has implemented this philosophy in the 170 countries in which
it operates and at its 84 factories, and conveys it every day to its more than 24,000 professionals. The family business is the market leader in Europe, Latin America, India and Russia. It also has a strong presence in China and the rest of Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Africa. As a result, it is the global leader in its business.



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