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Roca, world leader in manufacture, sales and design of bathroom products, joins the global debate on access to housing. 

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The company joins the global debate on access to housing promoted by the International Forum UIA 2022 “Affordable Housing Activation: Removing Barriers’ 

Roca will promote the international impact of the debate on access to decent and adequate housing through the organization of 7 AHA events at the Roca Gallery in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, London, Shanghai and Beijing. 

Xavier Torras, director of communication at Roca, added: “it is essential to promote meetings and initiatives to debate transcendental issues for our society, such as having decent housing. It is a privilege to be able to collaborate in carrying out this debate and contribute to it through the conferences that will be held through our network of Roca Galleries around the world. 

Angela Balldellou, Executive Director of the AHA Forum, stated: “We celebrate the fact that a company with Roca’s track record is joining the debate promoted by the UIA Forum on housing affordability. Thanks to Roca’s contribution, we will be able to expand the international impact of the Forum, which seeks to transcend and raise awareness of the need to include issues such as quality, design, innovation, access to services and basic infrastructures or sustainability, without which we would not be talking about decent and adequate housing”. 

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We Are Water Foundation

The We Are Water Foundation is one of Roca’s initiatives, established in 2010 with the aim of contributing to the solution of problems derived from the lack of water and sanitation around the world.


We Are Water Projects

We collaborate with NGOs, foundations and UN agencies specialising in developing aid programmes in those areas around the world most affected by the lack of water and sanitation. In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals, we provide specific and tangible solutions from a global perspective based on education, health, and the adaptation of infrastructures. Until now, we have launched 69 projects in 26 countries that have helped more than 1,812,500 people.


Sustainable Technologies & ECO Roca

Our commitment to the environment has allowed us to develop solutions for saving water and energy. Focused on reducing CO2 emissions, which are responsible for 90% of the greenhouse gases, Eco Roca integrates the respect for the environment in our production processes and represents a change of perspective not only in the development of products, but also in the way we innovate in the work methods of our factories and production centers.


Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Innovation in the production processes of our factories and the respect for the environment have allowed us to become a global reference manufacturer. Discover how we manufacture our products. We love our planet and put all our energy in taking care of it. Based on this commitment, we make sure that all processes, technologies and materials are implemented with a sustainable and respectful approach. From the manufacturing of ceramic pieces, faucets, furniture or tiles to the specialization in materials such as acrylics, steel or cast iron, we have been able to considerably reduce the environmental impact of our plant processes in the last few years. An example of this would be the installation of facilities for the production of solar power in four of our plants, thereby ensuring that 10-20% of the energy consumption of those plants comes from our own renewable sources Another example is the Let’s Make a Deal program (Roca Group Corporate University and the We Are Water Foundation) in 14 production plants all around the world to save more than 25.6 million liters –the equivalent to 11 Olympic swimming pools-.


Quality and Environmental Policy

At Roca, the integration of sustainable measures in all our processes is one of our fundamental values.


The Planet

The protection of the environment is fully integrated in all actions we carry out, from the implementation of more sustainable and efficient production processes to the development of solutions that contribute to the reduction of water and energy consumption. This enables us to progressively reduce the environmental footprint of our entire value chain.


Rethinking the Role of Housing

There are two numbers I revisit time and again: 1.8 billion and 220 trillion. These numbers represent the staggering inequality across the planet. As of 2019, there are approximately 1.8 billion people globally living in homelessness or grossly inadequate housing, often lacking basic services like toilets and electricity.

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Strategies for Integration

As of June 2020, the number of refugees worldwide has increased to around 26 million, with most of thesearound 86% according to the UNHCRfinding asylum in developing countries. Refugee hosting countries and humanitarian organizations tend to isolate refugees in temporary” camps, away from existing urban areas with the assumption that they will cause negative economic, social and spatial impacts on local communities.  

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Designing for refugees

Populations have been fleeing from conflicts, natural disasters, droughts, poverty and other causes, and migrating to more favourable places since the dawn of time. Recently, the flow of immigration stems from a lack of security and the search for a better life with the hope of a future. The largest migrations movements stem from the continent of Africa, and have led to the extensive, largely self-governing, Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria.

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Spaces for Living

From the beginning of our practice, we have worked on the question of what the space for living should be like. This was based on our observation that the minimal standard was becoming more minimum all the time due to the scarcity of opportunities and the financial market.

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Emergency Housing for Young People

Homelessness is not a new phenomenon, it has existed throughout history despite our best efforts to eradicate it. Whilst the homeless crisis continues to worsen, our response to mitigating it has remained largely the same.

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