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Trento EEMI Bauhaus week 13-16 February 2023 : “Combining smart digital & sustainable solutions to change the market paradigm”

Europe is at the dawn of a new era in which sustainability and digitalisation are shaping a completely new market paradigm characterised by opportunities and hopes for a better future. People’s homes and the cities they reside in are at the centre of this revolution – the places where we live and work and where we spend our most important moments determine our health and wellbeing and the overall quality of our lives. These homes are inter-generational resources and improving these properties today provides better homes for our children and grandchildren.


Sustainability is the new reality

We are the voice of the European mortgage industry, providing data and information on European mortgage markets, which were worth over EUR 8.3 trillion at the end of 2021. Our pan-European Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative (EEMI) is establishing a comprehensive Ecosystem around energy efficient mortgages intended to support consumers in improving the energy performance of their homes to the issuance of green bonds in the capital markets.

Improving the energy performance of the EU’s building stock, which is responsible for 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions, is an absolute priority. The scale of investment needed to improve the energy performance of more than 220 million residential dwellings to achieve the EU’s energy savings targets is huge and cannot be met by the public sector alone. The EU private financial sector will therefore play a central role in the transition to a more sustainable economy, reducing energy poverty for households, safeguarding consumer wealth in terms of disposable income and asset value, supporting economic growth and job creation, and, helping to support the REPowerEU initiative to secure the EU’s energy independence.


In an ecosystem, it all hangs together

Since 2015, the EEMI has sought to mobilise the EU’s mortgage and covered bond industries in support of these objectives. At the heart of the EEMI are efforts to deliver an energy efficient mortgage “ecosystem, which will boost consumer demand for building energy renovation. Bringing together a wide range of relevant market players, including lenders, investors, SMEs and utilities, the EEMI is aligning strategies and actions through a new, innovative market mechanism focussed on a green fulcrum of products, services and data, delivered by way of a “one-stop-shop”. With the overall objectives of optimising the end-to-end customer journey and experience, deploying market interventions and partnerships that support delivery and therefore maximising benefits for consumers, the EEMI is concretely building an open-source platform at the centre of the “ecosystem”, which will:

  • Provide access to and guide consumers towards the most efficient and cost effective, integrated technical and financial products, services and advice, whilst ensuring commercial neutrality and offering a European approach to delivering market-specific actions.
  • Deliver a continuous flow of ESG data for lending institutions, investors and SMEs on building energy performance (improved EPCs, primary energy demand), EU Taxonomy alignment and ESG counterparty assessment and ratings.
  • Favour the implementation of market best practices to secure gradual but continuous market transition and alignment with EU legislative requirements.

Against this backdrop, the Trento Bauhaus Week is the first in a series of market events intended to launch a new movement in the design, scale-up and roll-out of home ecosystems globally through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practice between financial actors, SMEs, start-ups, architects, scientists and academics, local authorities, to name but a few. Together, these actors have the potential to design and deliver a new market paradigm and blueprint, built around clear best practices and market benchmarks, which can shape and drive massive qualitative improvements for the market and for millions of families around the globe.