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David Lucas Parrón

Secretary General of the Urban Agenda and Housing

David holds a Doctorate in Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid, specializing in State Public Law, a Law Degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Master’s in Territorial and Urban Policy from the Carlos III University of Madrid, specializing in Urban Management, and Master in Public Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid (best academic record and extraordinary award).

He has been a Senator elected for Madrid in the XII legislature, Mayor of Móstoles, Spokesperson for the PSOE in the Madrid City Council, Deputy Mayor of Getafe, President of the Spanish Delegation in the Congress of Local and Regional Powers of the Council of Europe and President of the International Relations Commission of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, responsible for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Spanish municipalities.

He has been a Member of the Steering Committee of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, of the Steering Committee and Executive Bureau of United Cities and Local Governments and of the OECD Interparliamentary Network. He has been president of the Association of Municipalities of the South, Vice President of the Federation of Municipalities of Madrid and President of the Finance Commission of this federation. He has been a professor of Financial and Tax Law and History of Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Professor of Financial Law and Constitutional Law at the University of Nebrija and Professor of Political Science and Management and Public Administration at the Complutense University.