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Wohnfonds_wien was founded in 1984. From its original tasks of advising and supporting the redevelopment of old buildings and providing plots for subsidized housing, it has evolved into an urban expansion and renewal program that has received worldwide attention. Comprehensive redevelopment projects and sophisticated new residential buildings (results of the developer competitions introduced in 1995, the land advisory council and the quality advisory council launched in 2021) are nationally and internationally recognized models of a new urbanity worth living in.

The wohnfonds wien is a non-profit organization and acts as a service-oriented coordination office, among others, between developers, homeowners and their representatives, as well as municipal departments, especially the financing office and service institutions of the City of Vienna. In addition, a new platform for renovations in Vienna was created with the Hauskunft, which has been in existence since 2020. The chairwoman of wohnfonds_wien is Deputy Mayor and Executive Councillor for Housing and Women, Kathrin Gaál.