Affordable Housing Supply Programme of Scotland

The Scottish Government in the United Kingdom has developed strong capabilities in needs-based strategic planning for housing grant allocation and delivery.


It has established an Affordable Housing Supply Programme to deliver 50,000 affordable homes, including 35,000 for social rent, between 2016 and 2021. It recently published an updated “Housing to 2040” policy statement, which aims to deliver an additional 100,000 affordable homes, including 70,00 social rental homes, by the first half of 2032. 

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By working with local authorities, the Scottish Government has channelled increased capital investment to address well-evidenced and locally established housing needs. It has also created a dedicated Housing Infrastructure Fund to address development blockages. Furthermore, the Government continued to employ funds to renovate vacant dwellings and established a new fund to increase affordable housing in rural and remote island areas. 

Actors involved 

  • Government of Scotland 
  • Department of Social Justice, Housing and Local Government 



Scotland, Housing to 2040 (Edinburgh, Scottish Government, 2021). Available at 

For the budgetary resources utilized for the Affordable Housing Supply Programme of Scotland, see [1] European Microfinance Network, “European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision”, EMN Note (December 2011). Available at 

[2] For information on activities of the Council of Europe Development Bank for Roma, see 



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