Europan – Badajoz, Spain

This project is an open negotiation between the different parties involved in the development of the city.

The development of the project began with the the commissioning of the first detailed diagnostic study of the whole area which identified the restoration of the Santa Engracia UVA as a priority intervention, so much for its urgency as its viability. 

Plan Especial de Reforma Interior (P.E.R.I) establishing the framework for planning the restoration of the district and process of regeneration. 

The PERI proporsals for the programme, public, space and building the neighbourhood were organized around eight strategically prioritized lines, which sought to restructure the neighbourhood and recover its relationships. 

  • Strategic lines that link neighbourhood-inhabitants: identity, generational change and accessibility.
  • Strategic lines in relation to the cultural environment: visibility, recuperation and connection with the city and territory. 
  • Strategic lines in relation to the natural environment: sustainability and landscape. 
  • The project is included in a life fund programme and is currently in development.

Europan9 Badajoz Study accesibility img


Santa Engracia district, Badajoz, Spain 


Department of Housing and Architecture, Junta de Extremadura 


Arenas Basabe Palacios Arquitectos (ES) 


Restoration/ restructuration of a neighbourhood of 800 homes 


13 ha 


Still in progress 

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Europan is shaping the idea of a Europe of the young architectural, urban and landscape design by federating European countries around competitions of urban-architectural projects and professional exchanges in these fields of design. Europan does so within the framework of the sustainable city and the qualitative changes that it operates, and taking into consideration the economy of resources, new mobilities and the enhancement of natural spaces.